Soul Resorts offers authentic Sri Lankan Ayurveda, and is amongst the country’s premier authentic Ayurveda resorts. Our Ayurveda is a system of wellness, healing and curing with historical roots dating back to ancient times. We provide individual assessment, personalised treatments and tailor-made Ayurveda cuisine, in the ambience of a dream holiday location.

Our Ayurveda Centre has a traditional village-home setting, amidst lush and vibrant vegetation with the rhythmic sounds of the ocean and bird life. This offers a transcendent sense of peace and relaxation, aiding the rejuvenation and rehabilitation of the body, mind and soul. Our unique approach uses a variety of Ayurvedic herbs from our own garden.


The ancient science of Ayurveda is that the body itself can be developed as a weapon against disease, and that nature provides the cure for ailments. The effects of COVID-19 are an eye opener to relook at how we live our lives. The Ayurveda program at Soul, including the nutrition balance in the meals served to you, is specially designed to also build internal immunity so that you are stronger and your body is better able to combat any virus and disease. These aspects of Ayurveda would be explained to you, so that you can continue with some of these steps even when you are back at home.


Transform your life

Ayurveda is best understood by its literal meaning – “Ayur” meaning “Life” and “Veda” meaning “Science” or “Knowledge” – a science of how life should be lived.

Ayurveda is a restoration of self and balance. It is therefore equally applicable to those who are perfectly well and only seek rejuvenation and inner peace, as it is for those who may have some ailment and seek Ayurveda as a cure.

The relief that you will experience at Soul would be felt not only in your body but also in your mental and emotional wellbeing. This holistic approach to health through a range of massages and treatments, diet, tranquility, exercise and Yoga helps you regain balance and become revitalized, while also addressing specific ailments of the body.


Multi-course nutrition – Breakfast of fruit, traditional health foods, tea, tropical fresh fruit juices
Consultation with Doctor and commence therapy. Supplements of herbal brews, tea and tropical fruit juice preparations
Customised Ayurveda Lunch
Therapy continues with supplements of herbal tea
Bath. Yoga or meditation. Relaxation, walk on the beach or swim
Ayurveda meal for dinner


Whether you are simply feeling tired or stressed, whether you have an ache, pain or problem to cure, or whether you just want to look and feel revitalized, pure and beautiful, we have the ideal therapy for you. When you have settled in at Soul, our expert Doctor, Dr. Nalin will conduct a detailed consultation and assessment of your particular needs. He would then prescribe treatments for you and explain preparation that our therapists and staff will help you do. Once you are ready, your Ayurveda programme will begin.

Dr. Nalin and his team will guide you daily, while the hotel staff pamper you during your stay. You would be clothed, massaged, fed and nourished with great care, and finally when your programme is over, Dr. Nalin will evaluate the results of your therapy with you. He would advise you on how you can sustain the benefits you have gained from Ayurveda, and on preparation of herbal medicines and products.


We are privileged to have the world renowned Ayurvedic doctor and consultant Dr. Nalin Sanath Kumara to partner with us in providing the best diagnosis and the most time-honoured techniques of Ayurveda to our guests. Soul Resorts is one of the few luxury Ayurveda Resorts in Sri Lanka where the Doctors and Therapists, are all fully certified practitioners of Ayurveda, having obtained academic qualifications, undergone rigorous training and gained years of experience in traditional Ayurveda.

Dr.Nalin approaches his science on the basis that physical existence, mental balance, and personality are a single unit, with each element being able to influence the others, in holistic healing.

Our in-house Doctors and Therapists are highly trained and caring professionals with many years of Ayurveda experience and acting strictly under the guidance of Dr.Nalin, making Soul Resorts one of the best Ayurveda resorts Sri Lanka.
Ayurveda Team


Whether your preference is for Sri Lankan food, healthy and nutritious Ayurveda diets or international cuisine, our skillful Chefs will delight your taste buds. We take great pride in the freshness and quality of the produce that goes into our food, some of it, from our own garden ! All our meals are prepared to order, with passion and care.


Cleanse your mind, body and soul with our authentic Ayurveda treatments. Give us a call or send us a message to learn more!

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